Council Elects McMorrin Mayor in Historic First; O’Brien Becomes Vice Mayor

“As only the sixth woman, and first Black woman [to serve as a] council member this moment is not lost on me, and I thank my colleagues for their vote of confidence to lead us through the next year.”

As Vice Mayor Yasmine Imani McMorrin graciously accepted the position of Mayor, her brief but heartfelt comments reflected the historic moment. “In these extraordinary times, our city requires steady, focused, and forward-thinking policies that advance our communities, businesses, and protect those who need us the most. I look forward to tackling the challenges ahead, and boosting our successes as we work to build a more prosperous and inclusive Culver City.”

The annual Mayoral rotation took place at the City Council’s final meeting of the year on Dec, 11, 2023. Vice Mayor Yasmine Imani McMorrin was seated as the new Mayor, and Council member Dan O’Brien was moved into the Vice Mayoral position.

In his remarks on ending his year Albert Vera, Jr. thanked his colleagues for the opportunity to serve as Mayor and highlighted many of the noteworthy accomplishments that the city now had to be proud of.  “During the past year, Culver City has shown an unwavering commitment to uplifting our unhoused neighbors. We have consciously chosen to be part of the solution… Culver City strengthened [the regulation of ] gun stores, and after hearing from many, many residents, the City council approved the purchase of the Martin B. Retting gun store property on Washington Boulevard and we are excited to begin the process of engaging with the community to decide what happens there next…Our commitment to [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion] is unwavering, and we have [used outreach on the history of discrimination to discover] personal stories to be able to put an end to it…We also have the inception of the Mobile Crisis Team. I look forward to what Culver City will accomplish in the coming year. “

Each one of the Council members took a moment to comment and thank the outgoing mayor for his time and effort.

As a part of Mayor McMorrin’s comments, she noted “I return to the idea that hope is a discipline…All members of our Culver City family should be treated with dignity and respect… As the proverb says, we sit in the shade of trees we did not plant, we drink water from wells of water we did not dig. So it’s time to pick up our shovels for our children and for theirs. We need each other so much, and I am so proud and so grateful to serve as your mayor.” 

McMorrin made the motion to move O’Brien to the Vice Mayoralty, was seconded by Vera, and the vote was unanimous. 

Judith Martin-Straw


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