Dear Editor – Thanks to Vera and New Year’s Wishes

Dear Mayor Albert Vera and fellow city Council members,

I want to take a moment to thank Mayor Albert Vera for all his dedication, patience and hard work this last year. The Council appears to have been more effective, communicative and cooperative than in many years past. This is in large part to Albert’s leadership. I do hope that the Council Members can find a way to continue to better collaborate, cooperate and compromise in the next year.

Please remember in the years to come that we need to work together and understand each other better. That requires listening to all your constituents and actually actioning the best solutions for both the majority and those who will need more help to survive and thrive in our community. We need to do our best to have balanced resolutions for all the residents of this community.

To all our Council Members, thank you for your time and effort. It is not an easy job and you’ve devoted many long hours to your post. In the transition to our next Mayor, let’s try to keep our city running smoothly. There are certainly things we all know that still need review and changing, but we are making progress, one step at a time together.

Happy holidays to you all and all the best of success to Mayor Albert Vera in his future endeavors!

Very best wishes,
Kimberly Ferguson

The Actors' Gang