Updates on Homeless Emergency – Safe Sleep is Open, Homekey Still Pending

The declaration of a homeless emergency has meant that it is front and center at the top of each Culver City Council meeting agenda. The news was positive on August 28, 2023, with the update addressing the storm response, the Safe Sleep site and the Project Homekey Hotels.  

Housing and Human Services Director Tevis Barnes detailed the early response to the warnings on Tropical Storm Hilary, and noted that “We had people out … offering shelter and services… as soon as we knew we could see flooding.” 

The Safe Sleep site is now open, and has 16 individuals, four women and 12 men, in residence, including one who was just housed the day of the meeting.  The oldest individual is 63, and the youngest is 34. “Most individuals are coming from Sepulveda and Culver, and the creek area…but also coming all the way from Fox Hills. We expect Safe Sleep will be full next week.”

“[Los Angeles] Mayor Karen Bass came to visit both Safe Sleep and Project Homekey…and she had very positive feedback about what we are doing here in Culver City.”

Barnes noted that Exodus Recovery, the service provider for the Project Homekey Hotels, held a job fair to hire in more staff for the project, including two positions for Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN.)

There is new roofing, new plumbing, and storage available. 

According to City Manager John Nachbar, the Project Homekey Hotels should receive the required ‘certificate of occupancy’ in the coming week. 

Judith Martin-Straw


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