Lakeside Village Sees Huge Police Presence in Shooting Incident

On Friday, August 18, 2023, the Lakeside Villas complex off Jefferson became the end point for an incident that included gunfire, a broken security gate and a K-9 search that ultimately located the suspects.

From the Culver City Police report “At approximately 9:00 pm, there was an altercation at a local restaurant involving two separate parties. One of the parties involved in the argument left the scene in their car, and the other party started following them. Someone in the car being followed produced a gun and fired shots, presumably to scare off the car that was following them. Once shots were fired, someone called 911 and the police were dispatched. Both cars continued driving, with one following the other. The first vehicle turned into Lakeside and forced entry through the visitor’s gate, and the other vehicle followed them in.”

According to witnesses on the scene, at approximately 9:30 pm, a red Audi pulled into the complex, fired shots at the guardhouse and drove through the security gate. The suspects drove into the complex and fled on foot. 

The CCPD arrived with four squad cars, and shortly thereafter requested to residents to stay inside during a K-9 search with police-trained dogs. A Los Angeles Police Department helicopter was also brought in to assist in the search. 

Reports from several residents in the complex counted 18 or possibly 19 squad cars from police departments as far as El Segundo, Hawthorne and Gardena PD.  

From the CCPD report “Police searched the area and quickly detained all 4 people involved in the altercation. The two vehicles were towed from the property.”

While the CCPD sent out a Nixle alert at 11:12 pm saying that “activity had concluded,” there were still several police cars at the complex over the next two hours.

Judith Martin-Straw



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