Dear Editor – Reader Pans a Wide Panorama

Dear Editor,

I am a concerned Culver City resident who regularly appreciates your publication.
I realize that politics is so important these days, just not to me…
I don’t know if there is a chance these days that my letter(s) would ever get published, so here are my quick thoughts on recent

Letters to the Editor, and what they mean to me:

1) I don’t know who Mr Stephen Jones is, but he must own the paper because he gets his one sided advocacy published almost weekly.
2) Eliminating Single Family Zoning is an affront to all that invested in CC before us, and all that currently pays for CC infrastructure, schools and services. The idea that increasing the density of available housing will help anybody who can’t currently afford CC is silly at best. And the infrastructure changes needed would bankrupt CC.
3) The bike lanes downtown were among the dumbest, well intended ideas ever. The overwhelming majority of CC taxpayers don’t ride bikes or take buses. Period. Pretending to change residents’ behavior for alleged environmental benefits doesn’t change this fact.
4) Increasing the General Fund contribution to CCPD to reflect out-of -control inflation is treading water, not expanding. Have you gone outside around CC lately? The increase is way too low. My family and I fear going out at night due to increased crime, regardless of political sound bites.

I am politically independent, but I also know that wishing to save the planet/world is different from throwing taxpayer dollars into the tide and hoping things magically work out…

Thank you for reading.
Best Regards,

David Van Pelt


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