City Council Steps to Support SB 9 – Multiple Units Are Legal

If there is confusion in regard to land use policy in Culver City, it’s understandable. The laws that the city passed in regard to ‘incremental infill’ have been made redundant by the California law SB 9. Now that the council has voted to eliminate the designation of incremental infill, the state law still supports the ability to have multiple units on property previously zoned for a single residence. 

From the city, ” At its meeting on Monday, August 14, 2023, the City Council voted 4-0 to remove residential Incremental Infill land use designations which had previously been proposed as part of the City’s General Plan Update. Incremental Infill is a planning strategy that increases the number of units allowed to be built in one structure on properties zoned as single-family residential. Responding to changes in State law, the City Council returned all properties that had been designated Incremental Infill to their prior land use designations that had been in place before the General Plan Update was proposed.

State laws that were enacted after the City proposed Incremental Infill now allow the same or more units to be built on each property as compared to what was proposed under Incremental Infill. This means that even though the City Council has eliminated Incremental Infill, multiple units may still be constructed on properties zoned single-family residential due to recent changes in State law.

For example, California Senate Bill 9 (SB 9), approved in 2021, permits a single-family zoned property to be subdivided into two lots, with up to two units to be constructed on each new lot, for a total of four units. State law pertaining to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) also permits up to four units on an existing single-family property through various attached and detached configurations.

Eliminating Incremental Infill land use designations will allow Culver City to implement SB 9 and State ADU law and help Culver City plan to meet its housing needs.

More information can be found in the City Council staff report, which is available online.”

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