10 K Run on the 110 – Arroyo Seco to Close for Historic Race

Run the 110 is a 10 K Race happening on Oct 29, 2023; this means you have time to get up to speed. While the 110 is infamous for its’ short ramps making even Tesla drivers nervous about entering traffic and getting up to speed quickly enough, you will not need to floor it to enter because like a stunt driver in a car commercial, this closed road has been reserved for you and a couple thousand of your closest friends.

Enjoy the other festivities at the open streets event that follows the 10K run/walk and visit all the stops. Metro trains are available on a first come first serve basis. 

Run The 110 10K will start on Orange Grove Street. From the start line, you will head to the freeway for a once in a lifetime opportunity where you will run on this historic roadway. Runners and walkers will descend the on-ramp and enter the road heading north towards Pasadena. After passing the Fair Oaks overpass bridge, you will make a 180 degree turn and then continue southbound towards Dodgers Stadium and Downtown Los Angeles. Wind your way through the bends and turns of one of the oldest freeways in the United States. The finish is adjacent to the Avenue 26 exit. Collect your bling and some water, have one of our official photographers get a photo of you as the sun rises over the freeway.

To sign up, go to/runsignup.com/Race/RUNTHE110/


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