A Bit of Housekeeping – Subscriber Services Updated with New Software

First, an apology for the inconvenience that many of our readers have experienced in regard to daily email deliveries. Secondly, an explanation; this one is a big more complex. 

We used to use a subscription service called FeedBurner for our daily deliveries. They did a good job, we had minimal problems, so we used it for years. That company decided they would no longer be doing this kind of business. Shopping for a replacement, we went to MailChimp, but this caused a lot of problems. The service we got from them was so erratic it was more of a hindrance than a help. Many of our subscribers missed getting daily emails for weeks. When we tired to remedy the situation, it got worse. 

So today we are starting with a new subscription delivery service called MailerLite. As ever, we welcome any feedback you have, and will do our best to correct any problems as they arise. 

This does reflect the “raise your hand if you are absent” issue of getting data from who is still missing the daily email. So, tell a friend, tell a neighbor – anyone who was a subscriber should still be one. And if you have not seen CulverCityCrossroads in your inbox in  awhile, welcome back. 

New to all this? Missed out on the tumult? It’s a great time to sign up. Jut $5 a month gets you CulverCityCrossroads five days a week. 

There’s more housekeeping announcements on the way. We have some new people coming on to contribute, and a new look in the works, so stay posted. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang