Hatchett Hall Wins Michelin Star

In a city known throughout the region for our restaurants, the ultimate honor was awarded to Hatchett Hall. A one star rating from the international Michelin Guide goes to a restaurant that exemplifies 21st Century food culture by honoring history. It’s a snapshot of the changes that the dining scene in Culver City has been through; once the address of a workaday coffee shop, this kitchen now has global status. 

A statement from from the Hall offered “We are overwhelmed with joy & excitement to have been awarded a star by the Michelin Guide. We would like to take this moment to thank our entire team for having brought us to this milestone moment at Hatchet Hall. Extending beyond our team we would like to thank the farmers we work so deeply with and to Louie & Netty Ryan who as owners foster an environment that permits a team to grow so dramatically and with poise. Lastly, we want to congratulate Chef Wes Whitsell on his incredible performance and delivering such an incredible food & experience. Cheers to 2023!” 

Hatchett Hall is an eatery that respects food at all levels, from local sources to historical context. The Netflix series “High on the Hog” features Hatchett Hall in the third episode of season one, and includes an interview about their homage to America’s earliest chefs, the cooks who were enslaved by the founding fathers. 

While not the first Michelin star in Culver City – Vespertine has two – the honor is absolutely deserved. 

Our most sincere applause to the Ryans, and to all work to make this unique restaurant so delicious. 

Hatchett Hall
12517 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90066

Phone: 310.391.4222

Email: [email protected]


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