Dear Editor – O’Brien is “A Rare Candidate”

Dear Editor,

I am writing to support Dan O’Brien’s candidacy for city council. I’ve known Dan since I served with him 18 years ago on the (then) Ad Hoc Committee on the Homeless. Dan was chair of that committee and I observed how diligently he pursued every different side, every involved advocacy group, from the homeless community that occupied Vets Park, to the neighborhood residents who objected to the homeless encampment in the park, to the Saint Joseph’s Center, to the city administration, and strove dispassionately to find reasonable, feasible solutions, for all involved elements. And he succeeded in achieving the aims he had set forth without rancor, emotion or advocacy.

Watching Dan work assiduously for a successful solution to a difficult civic problem is part of what inspired me to volunteer for the last 18 years to help contribute to the civic life of Culver City. First on the Homelessness Committee, then on the Landlord/Tenant Mediation Board (16-year member) and on the Culver City Centennial Celebration Committee. I got to see first-hand what can be accomplished for our city if petty disagreements, rigid ideology, and future political ambitions can be set aside in the sole interest of what is best for all residents of Culver City.

Much has been made by certain local factions of the fact that Dan is not a registered Democrat (I am). Many tried to convince him to re-register (as some past candidates did) to obtain political endorsements. But Dan is that rare candidate whose sense of integrity, overrides political expediency. He has stated over and over that he is not beholden to either the Democratic or Republican party. Dan is a confirmed Independent. He wants to be judged on who he really is and not who he pretends to be. Dan will be an independent voice, always and only looking out for what is best for Culver City.

I’m supporting Dan O’Brien for city council, not because I agree with him on every issue, policy and position he’s taken, but because I trust him to do what is best for all the residents of Culver City period, full stop.


Judy Scott

The Actors' Gang

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