Dear Editor – Extreme Views & Corporate Cash Skew Council Race

Dear Editor-

It’s election time again and the bad behavior is really starting to bloom. Disinformation is ruling the day. Corporate money is working in an unprecedented way, funding a pac with over 250 thousand dollars that’s exclusive purpose is to elect two candidates. The same landlord of massive corporations is funding several very conservative pacs with extreme views.

What’s the angle here? Candidates with little experience, supported by huge PAC donations and the most radical right wing voices in our community, should be automatically disqualified no matter how nice they are. Is that who we want to lead?

The issues here are divisive and guess what, that’s happening everywhere. It’s not by accident. Outrage, conspiracy theories, false facts, name calling, and personal attacks. Sound familiar? That’s no coincidence. These tactics are used masterfully by the supporters of reactionary views across the country. Don’t believe the detractors that constantly try to tear people down.

Culver City is a film and television town, but is entertainment work qualification to be in government? How will long meetings till 2 AM and mountains of Sunday preparation work with the demanding schedules and drop dead deadlines of production? It will be a miracle if the undeclared or recently converted candidates can bring everyone together but let’s not kid ourselves it won’t work to have the well intentioned learning on the job while beholden to money and the right.

Vote for Alex Fisch and we will have an incumbent who truly has brought the city together and seen us through the worst of times as our Mayor through the trials of the pandemic. In his day job as a deputy Attorney General for the State of California, Alex fights big oil and corporations that have caused the devastation of wildfires in California. His list of accomplishments in office is truly remarkable. Fisch is the most studied, hardest working City Council elected volunteer we’ve ever had. I say volunteer because officials elected to office here can not phone it in, they have to commit huge amounts of time with little to no compensation.

Harden Alexander “Alex” Fisch, as his name appears on the ballot brings the institutional knowledge and professional experience we must have to balance the first priority of the rights of the people with the needs of the corporations attracted to our city, with plans that will work for all of us. We need progress and that takes progressives. We can’t afford to have regressive policies that can’t keep up with the amount of innovation it will take to make this city as great as it can be.

There’s two seats open in this election and we will not have progress without Freddie Puza. Freddy is one of the kindest people you will meet and brings the legitimate empathy and concern of someone who has committed his life and career to people in need. This is Freddy’s second time running, a feat of commitment he shares with the best of our city’s former council. 20 more votes last time and he would already be on council.

All the candidates are good people. Two are coming with real world experience and the peoples mandate. Other’s unfortunately feel they need the most conservative voices in our community along with deep corporate pockets.

Sorry Dan and Denise but it’s really not adding up this time. Pass on the developer big money, hear the voices of the majority of our citizens and try again in 2 years when the timing will be perfect. Democrats will likely do very well in that election.

George Montgomery
Business Owner and Culver City Resident

The Actors' Gang


  1. You are so uninformed and care so little about really learning about any other Candidates and have no respect for others. Cannot even spell her name correctly.

  2. Outrage
    False facts
    Personal attacks

    Sound Familiar?
    That’s not coincidence.

    Thanks for pointing out the typo. The correct spelling is Denice.

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