Vote Smart – Sanjay Gaur for West Basin Water Board

Another early recommendation on how to ‘mark your ballot,’ in one of the contests that is often over looked.

There is nothing more important than water. The current leadership at West Basin has had multiple problems in multiple areas over the last several years. Money wasted, shockingly poor hiring practices, and an exodus of staff all speak to the need for change. 

Sanjay Gaur has spent his career working on water issues all over the planet. He is also a Culver City resident who has lived here for more than a decade, and has the educational and experiential background to help steer us through what we know will be dry times. 

West Basin has a great history overall, and amazing resources. We need the kind of smart and experienced vision that Gaur can offer. As one of five board members, looking towards the future in our rapidly drying landscape will make a critical difference. 

Vote Smart – there isn’t any contest on this ballot that isn’t vital to our future. 

Judith Martin-Straw


The Actors' Gang


  1. I intend to vote for Scott Houston, known in Culver City as someone who follows through. Scott has not been a disappointment in serving Culver City. Scott has been open and a regular when it has been related to representation in our community. I also appreciate that Scott did not join a local organization in order to resume build for campaigning purposes.

  2. I do not approve of people using Culver City community organizations as a stepping stone to run for office. As this candidate has done to the Culver City Education Foundation. Nor do I like single subject candidates when there’s more concerns than one subject. Like being against desalination plants over demand for more and assured plentiful supply. I support Scott Houston and his fine work on behalf of our water needs and supply.

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