CTE Pathways Seeking Partners for Education

If you believe that your job is important, consider if it’s important enough to teach people how to do it; Culver City High School offers Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways, which teach students academic skills that are directly applicable to the workplace and prepares them for further education.

These pathways prepare students for real-life workplaces and for college.

CCHS currently has nine CTE pathways including Patient Care (medicine), Computer Science Software Systems, Professional Dance, Theatre, Film Production, Stagecraft, Robotics/Engineering, Architectural Design, and Music Technology. More than a third of the CCHS student body is enrolled in CTE pathways and 100 percent of enrolled students graduate.

To all Culver City business owners, now is your chance to make a difference in the quality of our youth’s education!

For more information about CCHS CTE pathways, and if you would like to offer students any of the mentioned opportunities above, please contact Adrienne Madrid at [email protected] or 310-842-4200 ext. 3313.

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