Dear Editor – News Archive Connects Fox Hills Residents with Experts

Dear Editor, 

Your ‘Private Trees, Public Benefits’ article of July 2021, proved very helpful to me and the other homeowners  at out Fox Hills condos. We were very unhappy with the HOA action to cut (kill) trees on our leafy condo community.

We contracted Dr. Eric Strauss of LMU, who was listed in your article. Dr. Strauss is the recipient of several National Science Foundation Grants and is handling the study of coyotes in Culver City

On Tuesday, June 7th Dr. Strauss and LMU Environmental Fellow Lisa Fimiani visited our 14-acre condo complex and reviewed our many trees, birds and squirrels.

It turns out the HOA president was correct in his assessment of tree removals. According to Dr. Strauss many of our beautiful trees are on their last legs. Our concerns regarding nesting birds being disturbed were relieved, when Ms. Fimiani, who is also an Audubon [Society] official, told us that birds are very flexible, and they will find another place to nest.

It was not what we wanted to hear but, it was a scientific assessment. We are now hoping to maintain this relationship with LMU and Dr. Strauss not only for our condo complex but, to include the many condo complexes in Fox Hills.

We are all planning to accept LMU’s invitation to visit their garden and finding out more about sustainable native plants.
Bring Nature Home! CURes Introduces New Virtual Resources – CURes Blog (

Thanks to your news site, we got some great help. We are GRATEFUL.

May the blessings of time fill you and your family with good health, joy and peace of mind.

Deborah Wallace

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