Dear Editor – Grateful for the Failure of the Recall

Dear Editor,

Now that the wasteful, anti-democratic recall attempt against Mayor Daniel Lee and Councilperson Alex Fisch has met the same end as last year’s failed effort against Governor Gavin Newsom, I’d like give a thankful shout-out to Mayor Lee and Councilperson Fisch. Through it all— and despite the well-funded, well-organized campaign of untruths directed against them— they stayed focused on the well-being of our city. I’m grateful. And I’m not alone.

Thanks also to the more than 80% of Culver City voters who declined to sign the recall petition.

It’s time now to move forward with the difficult but important work of making every Culver City neighborhood a better, safer, affordable, welcoming, and equitable home for all.

Patrick Meighan

The Actors' Gang


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