Schools Celebrate ‘America Recycles’ Week with New System for Sorting Waste

The Culver City Unified Environmental Sustainability Committee is proud to roll out CCUSD’s New Waste System, to make sure we are properly sorting our waste, and keeping as much waste as possible out of landfills. Yard waste, food waste including soiled paper and cartons are organics, they can be composted and go in the green bin. Bottles, cans and cardboards can be reprocessed and turn into new products: they are recyclable and go in the blue bin. Plastic packaging and other non-organics and non-recyclables items go into the black bin, to the landfill.

Students are encouraged to follow the signage to help you sort in the right bin! 

If you want to be part of volunteering at the waste stations in your school to help students sort properly during lunch time, contact the ESC at [email protected]!

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