CCEF Supports Smart Music Program for Online Learners

The Culver City Education Foundation is excited to announce that, in thanks to your support, SmartMusic online learning resources will be made available to all vocal and instrumental music students at Culver City Middle School and Culver City High School this year.

High School music teacher Dr. Tony Spano saw heightened advancement in students who used SmartMusic last year, introduced as part of distanced learning. Dr. Spano shared his students, “show a greater degree of commitment to, understanding, and enjoyment of the important benefits of daily, focused, mindful practice.”

CCEF supports  equity for students, and having this new program is invaluable when supplementary private instruction is not affordable for all families. When students practice their skills with SmartMusic, teachers can better use time in class to focus on artistic expression and beautiful collaboration with the students’ performing groups. 

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