School Starts Soon- CCUSD Highlights COVID Protocols

With school scheduled to return on Thursday, August 19, 2021, the Culver City Unified School District is fine tuning the COVID protocols that will be required by student and staff to keep everyone safe. CCUSD is following the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines for testing policies and will continue to evaluate the need for more restrictive protocols.

Outline of CCUSD COVID Testing Protocols for 2021-22 school year:

Rapid Antigen testing will be conducted as a baseline for anyone without symptoms (asymptomatic). PCR testing is required for anyone with symptoms or COVID exposure.
Both Rapid Antigen and PCR tests involve a nasal swab in the front of the nose.
Results from Rapid Antigen tests are available within 15-20 minutes. PCR results can take between 24-48 hours.
COVID testing is available to all students and staff regardless of vaccination status; however, priority will be given to unvaccinated individuals.
COVID testing is being provided before the first day of school to help identify any cases of COVID and prevent transmission in the school population
Anyone who receives a positive result on a Rapid Antigen test will need to have a confirmatory PCR test (provided by the District).
Anyone with a positive COVID result will be notified and provided with instructions on Isolation. All close contacts of that positive individual will be notified and unvaccinated contacts will be placed on Quarantine.

The CCUSD COVID Dashboard will continue to be updated to reflect current cases of COVID in the District.
We will follow the LACDPH Exposure Management Plan, which includes identifying and reporting positive COVID cases, guidelines for Isolation and Quarantine, and notifications to close contacts and school communities.

If you have questions,  please contact the district at (310) 842-4200.

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