CCUSD Will Return to Campus in August – Guidelines Will Be Followed

“First and foremost, Culver City Unified School District will always follow the most current Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines and will always prioritize the safety of our students and staff.” Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Robert Quinn offered reassurances to students, parents and the community at large in a statement on July 28, 2021.

To those wondering if the Delta Variant would change the current plans to return to campus in person in for the Fall semester, Quinn offered details on multiple iss ues. 

“In-person learning: We are still planning for a full return of students to school in the Fall; we do not expect that the LACDPH will implement capacity limits again.

Masks and Distancing: LACDPH protocols state that everyone is required to wear masks indoors, whether vaccinated or not. Masking outdoors is optional. There are no physical distancing requirements indoors or outdoors, but that practice is still recommended where possible.

Cleaning and Sanitizing: We are continuing our cleaning/disinfecting/HVAC filter replacement procedures from last year.

Meals: School meals will be served in the cafeteria. Meals will be eaten outside when possible. Indoor seating will be discouraged.

COVID Testing and Vaccinations: We will continue to provide COVID testing whenever needed or appropriate – details will be forthcoming. Though we are no longer offering vaccines, anyone still needing a vaccine can check for locations at this site:

Exposure Management: We are following the relevant LACDPH protocol which addresses how we respond to positive cases and/or close contacts. The current version of that plan from LACDPH is linked from the “COVID Communications” section of our website:

Updates/Changes: We will continue to update COVID case information on our website Dashboard: COVID-19 Dashboard (

While going through all the usual preparations for returning to school, everyone is encourage to keep checking in and follow all LA County recommendations for a safe and stress-free transition back to campus. 

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