GS Gold Award for Caudill’s ‘Voiceover’

Young artists have had a difficult time during the pandemic – their ability to connect in person and share their art has made collaboration difficult and has made performing to their audience nearly impossible. But Melody Caudill, a rising senior at Culver City High School, created a solution – a unique, online magazine called Voiceover that helped her earn Girl Scouting’s highest honor, the Gold Award.

An introverted artist herself, Melody created Voiceover as a friendly, nonjudgmental online community showcasing young activists, film makers, painters, photographers, poets, musicians and more.

Not only does the site have contributing artists from all over the country and the world, but its management team is a CCHS club. During the pandemic, teens in quarantine communicated through Zoom meetings, Discord calls, and an Instagram account to stay connected and inspired. Many contributors created playlists together and collaborated on projects which can be found on the website as well.

Melody wrote and directed an animated AVPA Sony Film entitled Duet that, during quarantine, won Best Production Design at the Westflix Film Festival. She is currently directing an AVPA Sony film entitled Chick Magnet, which she also wrote. Melody is also a musician and has released an EP and several singles under the moniker Career Woman on Lauren Records. 

She recently wrote her second EP, Teachers Pet, which captures the essence of what it’s like to be in high school dealing with issues of self-confidence and finding a sense of belonging. However, Melody isn’t to be boiled down to another angst-driven teen. Her songwriting touches the core of the emotional turmoil we all go through.

Whether that’s feeling smaller than your peers or being afraid to show your true self, there are just some inner-struggles we never grow out of.


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