Takeout Tuesday AND It’s National Pizza Day – Support a Local Pizzeria

We know that sitting in front of the screen and considering national politics doesn’t leave any time to cook. It’s the ideal day to send out for pizza, and we have plenty of locally owned pizzerias that will be happy to put a hot pizza within arms reach. There’s an old joke about bad pizza; how bad can it be? It’s pizza! But good pizza – really great pizza? We are surrounded by eateries that can offer just that. 

Taproom Pizza – Awesome crisp crust 

Mega Pizza – Delightful sauce
LaRocco’s Pizza – a local institution
Roberta’s –  Brooklyn style pizza 
Victor, Jr.’s – iconic local pizza
Pizzette – Culver City’s newest 
Wildflour – one of the best

Back in May, when dine-in service had been shut down around most of the nation, market research company Sense360 reported that pizzerias had experienced a 5% drop in year-over-year sales while recording a larger per-dollar order increase compared to quick-service and fast-casual competitors—an 11% jump for pizza vs. 9% for quick-service and 8% for fast-casual.

Around the same time, a Datassential survey found that 63% of consumers said they were seeking out pizza during the pandemic—comfort food indeed.

Remember – call the restaurant and order from them directly. Food delivery services take a big bite out of the small profit that take out can bring to a restaurant. 

If you are glued to the tube, send out for pizza. There’s never been a better time for comfort food. 

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