Dear Editor – Support for Lee on State Senate Run

Dear Editor, 

I support Daniel Lee for CA Senate District 30 because he speaks like Rev. William Barber II of the Poor People’s Campaign. Rev. Barber reminds us every Moral Monday that the USA is in a “critical moment of moral reckoning” that calls for a complete rejection of the way we have done politics up until now.

Vice Mayor Daniel Lee showed us how to demand that moral reckoning in his City Council speech on January 25th. Daniel Lee challenged us to think of public safety in terms of not only our affluent neighbors, but our Black neighbors of all income levels, of our immigrant neighbors from all over the world, of our Mexican-American or Central/South American neighbors.

Like Rev. Barber, Daniel Lee challenged us to admit that racism and White Supremacy are systemic issues, not only in police departments across the country, but within ALL institutions in the USA. Daniel Lee named the existence of White Supremacy within our city council and within our city staff. We can trust him to speak and act with that same voice of moral clarity in Sacramento!

Our state government can have the best of both worlds by maintaining Sydney Kamlager as a powerful Black woman in the state assembly, while gaining Daniel Lee as a fierce and fiery Black man in the state senate. Vote Daniel Lee to demand a moral reckoning!

Carlene Brown, MAEd

The Actors' Gang

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