Inglewood Oil Field Awareness Survey – Your Input is Needed

Did you know that you live next to an active urban oil field? In recent years, the expansion and revitalization of the field have been controversial with adjacent communities, which include Culver City, Baldwin Hills, and Ladera Heights. Several organizations have formed to oppose field development, in particular the proposed use of hydraulic fracturing as a well stimulation technique.

In 2008 the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted a Community Standards District specifically to regulate development and operations in the oil field to make it compliant with community environmental standards.  Recent updates have offered that there is no need for a change in procedure, or further scrutiny.

But there’s a gap between what the government is saying is safe, what the company now drilling there says is safe, and the effects that the community reports. 

As ever, more information will help to make better decisions. 

With both Culver City and the city of Los Angeles legally committed to transitioning away from oil, the process can be made more efficient and more inclusive with community input. 

Community Health Councils, an Los Angeles based non-profit, has worked with UCLA students to develop a survey to gauge the community’s understanding of the Inglewood Oil Field and learn how to best communicate information about the Field. Completion of the survey will take up to 30 minutes but you are free to leave as many detailed responses as you like!

Please respond to the survey at and share the survey link with your networks.

If you have questions, please contact Sonya Vasquez, MSW at [email protected]

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