Tito’s Tacos Feeds Veterans in Recovery @ WLAVA

Tito’s Tacos contributed one hundred individually boxed meals for American Military Veterans who are currently in the all-important recovery process and working to return to mainstream society, once their physical and psychological maladies have been dealt with by seasoned professionals at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital.

“Tito’s Tacos is delighted to provide comforting and nutritious Mexican Food for those amongst us who are oftentimes sadly disregarded during the Holidays”, remarked Lynne Davidson of Tito’s Tacos Mexican Restaurant, “These Veterans who volunteered and fought so bravely to protect our freedoms truly deserve the absolute best in order to get on the right path to their well-deserved recovery.”

There were four different food offerings donated for the Veterans luncheon; Two Tito’s Tacos with Cheese and Chips & Salsas, One Beef, Bean & Cheese Burrito and Chips & Salsas,  One Bean & Cheese Burrito and One Tito’s Tacos with Cheese and Chips & Salsas, One Veggie Tamale and Chips & Salsas. In addition, PepsiCo contributed an assortment of beverages.

Delivery of the freshly made hot meals and cold drinks was by StreetSmart Messengers which is the only known messenger service in the Greater Los Angeles area who are legit Certified California Food Handlers.  A nicely harmonious connection was discovered – the actual StreetSmart Messenger who transported the delivery packages was Scott Schiller, the son of a gastroenterologist who works with Veterans Administration patients in Arkansas.

“We wish to thank Tito’s Tacos for generously sponsoring the luncheon for our American Heroes once again this year, ”Carrie Brandlin, a Specialist with the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, offered, “Our Veterans are looking forward to take a break from their rehabilitation to enjoy a freshly cooked meal once again this year from everyone’s favorite, Tito’s Tacos.”

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