Student Support for BLM – Smith Speaks at March to Support Breonna Taylor

A march organized by Culver City High School students last Sunday, Sept.27, 2020 walked from the school complex on Elenda to the City Hall, in support of Breonna Taylor. The crowd was sparse but enthusiastic, and a series of speakers, including Culver City High senior Savannah Smith. 

She read a poem entitled “The Marathon of Oppression” by Scott Thompson, and spoke afterwards to the gathering. 

“I’m tired. I’m tired of every other day or other week seeing another innocent Black person being killed by police. I’m tired but not surprised of seeing those same Black people not getting justice from a system that was never really meant to protect us. I’m tired of seeing these murderers, oh I’m sorry I mean cops, walking away free and with no charges. I’m tired of seeing the president get on TV and call people that look like you and me thugs and gangsters. I’m tired of being overlooked and forgotten.”

The march, which was created by student organizers and supported by Culver City Stands with BLM was promoted as peaceful, family friendly and COVID-19 safe. It was all of those things, with masks in evidence, parents with strollers and sense of harmony through the crowd both during the walk from the school to City Hall, and in the gathering afterwards. 

Smith concluded her remarks with “I’m tired but we’re not finished and we’re a long way from the line, but it’s okay because I’m not in it for the race. I’m here for the marathon and like the late great Nipsey Hussle said, “The Marathon Continues.”

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