It’s Play Music on the Porch Day!

The Last Saturday in August is International Play Music on the Porch Day. From 8 am to 10pm, people all over the globe are encouraged to sit out in front of their residences and make some music. 

 Throughout history it was common to hear live music on porches, in yards and on street corners. Musicians would regularly surround themselves with friends and family to sing and play music together. This tradition is being lost as more people only experience music as passive entertainment instead of as a participatory celebration of life.

PLAY MUSIC ON THE PORCH DAY invites musicians to revive the tradition of gathering, singing and playing music. On Saturday, August 29th we ask that you get outside and play music! Practice Social Distancing on the porch, in the yard or down on the corner out in the street. Share your talent. Share your passion. Share your music!

You can maintain social distance, sing through a mask, and keep yourself safe  while adding to the world wide festivities.

Make some music! 

The Actors' Gang

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