CCUSD Board of Education Adopts Equity Plan

At Tuesday evening’s CCUSD’s Board of Education meeting, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the District’s first comprehensive Equity, Social Justice and Inclusion Plan. This three-year blueprint will guide the District in implementing a plan that supports culturally competent attitudes, knowledge and skills for every CCUSD student, every day.

CCUSD’s commitment to equity, social justice and inclusion is best captured in its Equity Vision Statement:

“In CCUSD we believe equity is our moral obligation. Through the use of an ethical and continuous process, we ensure that all students are given the academic, social, and emotional supports they need. We are working to cultivate a liberated learning environment that is free of bias and encourages students to achieve their own personal and professional aspirations.

“A committed group of administrators, parents, teachers, Board members and community members began meeting four years ago, and established equity as one of the district’s highest priorities. The formal writing of the plan began on September 26, 2019. The committee worked diligently over the next 10 months to develop it in detail. It was first presented to the Board on August 4 during a special Board meeting. The plan is categorized as a ‘living document,” which can be adjusted and updated as needed through the implementation process.”

CCUSD encourages everyone to review the plan and hold the District accountable to uphold the principles that are laid out.

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  1. If you want REAL equity, make sure every student can count to an imaginary number as used in Algebra. Add to that analyzing a paragraph by a leading American essayist like Emerson. Make sure each student understands the real meaning of Huckleberry Finn (i.e., America is a racist nation, fumbling for connectivity with people who are not necessarily like themselves). How about a little history having to do with the real sources of democracy and the meaning of the social contract. Let every student speak with confidence to her classroom about the most significant values of a loving family. Let every child tell you what’s at the core of seven great religions, including memorizing a prayer from two of them. I could go on. Equity comes with learning. All the bon mots you throw at a kid will mean nothing unless they have the words to throw back at you.

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