Heat Can Be Lethal – Who to Call ? Perhaps Not the Police

Homeless encampments on Skid Row, photographed on June 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (James Bernal for KPCC)

While all of us are suffering the heat, unhoused people are suffering even more. There have been multiple reports over the last week of people so incapacitated it was not possible for passerby to tell if they were asleep or dead.

Simple dehydration can be lethal, and many unhoused people have underlying health conditions that complicate the problem.

While you can call the police – we do have social workers available to help –  there are also other resources to access. 

Los Angeles County Psychological Evaluation Team

Culver City Homeless Info Line

St. Joseph Center
Outreach Team
Can be reached via Culver City Housing Division:

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