Wheels ‘Micro Mobility Transit’ Now in Culver City

Micromobility company Wheels has launched its service in Culver City. With Wheels’ largest market being Los Angeles, Culver City represents an expansion of its services in the area. “The City is committed to both innovation and equity in addressing enhanced mobility and to provide the best, most reliable transportation options available to our community. These dynamic collaborations with innovative companies and new technologies will support and enhance our vital public transit system to help meet transportation demands,” said Culver City Mayor Göran Eriksson.

As Culver City continues to safely reopen in the wake of COVID-19, Wheels’ unique seated devices provide a physically distanced transportation option that is safe, clean, accessible, and sustainable. Wheels devices can now be found at numerous locations on Washington and Culver Boulevards. In Culver City, Wheels can be parked on the sidewalk within the furniture zone while not blocking pedestrian access or other street facilities and will be recharged by the company. Wheels users will need to download the Apple Wheels app or the Google Play Wheels app to access the devices. The Culver City Electric Scooter Share website has more information about the program, basic rules of road and parking guide.

The Transportation Landscape is Changing

As cities begin to re-open and more people get back to work outside the home, transportation within cities is evolving and improving. The transition to sustainable transportation is accelerating, therefore electrified transport is becoming increasingly valuable. For those who don’t have cars or don’t want them, there are several mobility options. Car ride-sharing requires you to be in an enclosed car with someone else, which presents challenges for many people. To allow for safe transit options in addition to Culver CityBus, Culver City believes an option like Wheels is a helpful alternative.

“Scooter share offers a convenient mobility option for the first and last mile connection with public transit. The Culver City Transportation Department has committed to taking a holistic approach to managing mobility, which entails expanding upon the traditional conception of what transit and mobility encompass. With alternative transportation services such as transit and scooter share, we hope to better manage mobility, expand our CityShare Brand and improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and visit Culver City.” said Rolando Cruz, Chief Transportation Officer.

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