May is CalFreshAwareness Month – Click Here

If you or someone you know is in need of food, there is help available from local, county and state resources. 

Now implemented statewide, CalFresh Awareness Month in L.A. County has been recognized by the California Department of Social Services as a “best practice” to connect with diverse and hard to serve communities through strategic and culturally sensitive outreach.

If you are among the many people needing to access public assistance during the pandemic, know that CalFresh is here to support you. CalFresh is accepted at grocery stores and farmer’s markets throughout the region. Current statistics cite that one our of four people in the U.S. is unemployed. Filing for assistance is a first step on the path to stability. 

This year’s campaign is celebrating new partnerships with the County’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and community-based organization and media outlets that serve the county’s hardest to reach communities and populations. The department is also partnering with all 88 cities in the County and local school districts to share information with residents and students during virtual council meetings and other communication platforms.

You can apply for help at /

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