CCPD Shares “Disappointment and Outrage” Over the Death of George Floyd

The Culver City Police Department shares in the public’s disappointment and outrage regarding the disturbing circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd. As a professional law enforcement organization, public partnerships and building trust with our community is at the foundation of everything we do. The women and men of the CCPD continually strive to not only provide the highest level of public safety to our community, but to do so in a manner that is compassionate, professional, and is reflective of the diverse community we serve.

Any lack of compassion or abuse of authority doesn’t just tarnish our badge; it tears at the very fabric of law enforcement and community relations.

Although this tragic incident occurred in a different part of our country, the CCPD understands and is sensitive to the fact that incidents like this can have a profound impact on all of our communities. CCPD would like to reassure all the members of our community that we will continue to hold all our members to the highest standards of accountability and transparency as we strive each day to foster and preserve the trust and relationship between our Department and the community we serve.

Culver City Police Department


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