Dear Editor – Following a Flower to the Future

Hello to All,

In my search for meaning to this pandemic, I started to film the emergence of my Amaryllis buds. The following is how I connected the two, which gave me some comfort and hope.

Each day is a new day, peeking out from the dark, welcoming the sun. At first the growth seems to be going very slowly. Getting the alarming news of the spread of the virus was a true downer. Everything was dark. Bad news on top of bad news. Like hearing how the virus was inequitably impacting racial, ethnic sub-populations with African Americans and other underrepresented groups dying at disproportionate rates and medical healthcare downfalls. But very slowly out of the chaos came glimmers of hope.

Some people recovered, social distancing was strongly advised, also staying at home, washing hands and wearing a masks all helped keep infection rates down. As days moved on my Amaryllis started opening. People found ways to stay in touch with family and friends. My flowers were blooming now, opening up for all to see. Reading about how people were getting stimulus money and could not be kicked out if they were not able to pay rent was encouraging. Neighbors checking in on neighbors. Some Governors working together to keep their constituent’s infection rates down. And now there was talk of slowly reopening.

My bud has finished blooming and is spent. However there is another bud just starting to open. Which tells me we are not down for the count. New science based researches gives hope to healing our nation. This pandemic will be yesterday’s news. We just have to stay the course and believe. And hope and pray things get fixed for the better. The multi-ethnic fabric of American has been woven out of tough, strong threads. We can survive this too and hopefully we will be ready the next time.

God Bless You All.
Blessings and gratitude, Mary Banks-Levine

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