City Council to Vote on Mayoral Rotation and Smoke Free Workplace Policies

The city’s policy on the Mayoral Rotation is on the agenda for the Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 meeting, in an Action Item that intriguingly also includes the council policy on a smoke free workplace. Perhaps the amount of firepower that has gone into the adapting, changing, over-riding and reaffirming the policy on Mayoral Rotation has caused a challenging amount of smoke at City Hall? What better way cool off the room than to make sure it’s a smoke free environment?

Action Item A-2 “(1) Adoption of a resolution amending city council policy regarding Mayoral Rotation and rescinding resolution Numbers 2017-RO15 and 2018 RO55 and (2) Adoption of a resolution amending city council policy statement Number 4304 regarding smoking in the workplace ( renamed smoke-free environment.)

Judith Martin-Straw


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