Next CC Bus – Live March 3

A new app from the city will be available on March 3, 2020 – Next CCBus is the real time passenger arrival information that tracks the location of your Culver CityBus and provides real time bus arrival predictions and rider alerts. CCB shows the information through the website, mobile app, call center, email, text messages, and solar LED signs at selected bus stop locations.

To ensure you don’t miss the bus, please arrive at your stop at least two minutes before the estimated stop time. Please keep in mind that delays due to detours, traffic incidents, construction, weather or equipment problems may affect the accuracy of estimated stop times.

If a bus goes off the regular route, our system will not be able to predict accurate arrival times and may not be able to show the bus on the map. If a vehicle is delayed due to an unusual event (such as a reroute, incident, or equipment problem), the arrival predictions may remain the same or may even increase for that vehicle. In the event that a vehicle stops transmitting data to our servers, the prediction will not appear on this website, even though the bus is in service. Please check for service alerts.

Plan your trip using our trip planner, which not only includes Culver CityBus transit services but also other regional and municipal public transportation services.

Subscribe to set arrival notifications and rider alerts for your preferred routes and stops. Receive your personalized information via email or text message.

If you need current arrival times while on the go, you can send a stop number to track by text service to quickly receive predictions. Click “Track By Text” for more information.

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