City Council Approves Safe Storage for Guns

At the September 23, 2019 meeting, the Culver City Council voted to approve safe storage for guns, and to support a further emphasis on suicide prevention. Adding a subchapter to the current Culver City Municipal Code on Firearms,  requiring that guns be stored in locked containers or disabled with a trigger lock. It also requires that retailers who sell guns to “display information at the point of sale on firearm laws, on suicide warning laws, and Los Angeles County resources for suicide prevention.”

Margo Bennett, of Women Against Gun Violence, had requested the item be agendized at both the June 24 and August 26, 2019 meetings of the city council. Bennett was present for the Sept. 23 meeting as well, to thank the council for considering the item, and to display two suicide presentation posters that the organization distributes.

School Board President Dr. Kelly Kent spoke to the item as an individual, but also noted that the CCUSD school board would be agendizing a similar resolution, modeled after the LAUSD resolution on gun safety.  “If more adults in households with children and teens responsibly stored their guns … [a recent study has concluded that] one third of gun involved youth suicides could be prevented.”

The motion passed with four ayes. Vice Mayor Goran Eriksson was not present at the meeting.

Judith Martin-Straw

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