Dear Editor – So Cal Gas on Agenda for City Council

Dear Editor,

In response to the misleading resolutions that So Cal Gas is introducing to neighborhood and city councils across southern California, it’s important to clear the air and provide some factual counterpoints to the misinformation that SCG is spreading.

SoCalGas and their front group, Californian’s for Balanced Energy Solutions, are only concerned with preserving the gas status quo, despite the fact that their efforts will hit the state’s most vulnerable communities the hardest.

Please attend the Culver City City Council meeting on August 12, 2019 at 7 pm at City Hall and speak out against SoCalGas’s “Balanced Energy Solution” misinformation campaign.

Gas is becoming increasingly expensive. As our state electrifies our appliances and decarbonizes our grid, gas use will shrink and its costs will be spread over fewer communities. who will end up paying more.

The Los Angels Times posted this

SoCalGas’s attempt to slow walk the clean energy revolution through resolutions designed to hinder all electric design, construction, and retrofits is a dangerous and irresponsible reaction to the threats of climate change, housing affordability, and public health.

Come early, this will be one of the first items on the agenda,  Item P-2.

Sierra Club

Clean Break Group

The Actors' Gang

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