Bike Culver City – Sign the Petition to Complete the Bike Network

If you bike through Culver City, this is a petition you will want to add your name to; if you don’t bike, consider the safety of those who do. Bike Culver City calls on the City of Culver City to stand by its nearly 10-year-old promise to complete a bike network, and install infrastructure by the end of 2020. This petition is the centerpiece of Bike Culver City’s efforts to emphatically demonstrate the public’s desire for safe streets. We hope this demonstration will strengthen the political will to commit the necessary resources to transform Culver City into a place where it is safe and convenient for people of all ages and abilities to move around via active transportation.

On April 8, the BCC will deliver these petition signatures to the Culver City Council, and will invite the public to the council meeting to speak on the topic.

Thank you for signing on to support safer streets in Culver City.

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