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“The difference between being 99% in and being 100% in is a crucial difference.” When Alex Fisch, one of Culver City’s two newly elected city council members spoke to about choosing to run for office, he cited family life as one of his central concerns. “My children are still young, and we knew that public office was going to make a major difference in the time we spend together as a family. But I want them to be able to look back on this moment – when they are older – and be able to say that what I did made a difference, or at least tried to make a difference. I want them to know that I tried.”

Speaking the day after the defeat of SB 827, State Senator Scott Weiner’s housing-near-public-transit bill, Fisch was clear that it was a difficult challenge. “As an elected local official, I’d have to do what was best for my city, and the fact [included in the bill] of giving up local control would be one I’d have to say no to; but we have to get to a place where enough people can agree on how to move this forward, Housing is our biggest crisis.”

Housing was a bigger topic in this moment than the environment, but Fisch noted that they are two of the many factors that government needs to focus on to solve current problems.

Fisch was gratified but humble about the number of votes he’d received. “I worked hard on this campaign, but everyone worked hard.” He acknowledged that all the candidates had put in time at the many community candidates forums, walking precincts and getting out the vote.

“That we had the turnout that we did may just speak to where we are at this moment as a country, politically. People are feeling like they really need to show up and do something,” spoken in the tone of an elected official who was in for 100%.

Fisch will be sworn in as a Culver City Council member on April 30, 2018, along with Daniel Lee.

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