Dear John’s New Owner is an Old Hand

Culver City’s favorite martini bar and time machine (behind those curtains, it’s 1962) Dear John’s is coming under new ownership. The good thing is, the new owner is Ben Myron, and he knows this biz like the back of his hand.

The deep dish details, according to LA Eater – Dear John’s is a classic American chophouse that has lasted in the same Culver City location for 56 years. The place was first opened by Johnny Harlowe, an actor who was reportedly friends with Sinatra for years, and as the story goes Sinatra loved Harlowe’s cooking. He eventually convinced Harlowe to open his own place in 1962, and the rest is Culver City history — at least until this most recent ownership change.

A peek behind the curtain at the limited liability company that scooped in to snatch up Dear John’s reveals that none other than Ben Myron will be taking control of the property. If his name doesn’t sound immediately familiar, it’s probably because Myron has largely chosen to keep it that way over the years. Instead, he’s been happily in the wings at more than one historic restaurant property, including the 82-year-old Backstage Bar across from Sony in Culver City.

There’s talk of a temporary closure to clean up the place There’s already an ABC license in the window at Dear John’s, though, and the paper trail leads directly to Myron, meaning it’s only a matter of time before things are finalized and Myron steps in to run the restaurant.

As for what that will look like, no one is yet quite sure. A call to Dear John’s confirms the ownership flip, but workers there aren’t sure just what, if anything will change. There’s talk of a temporary closure to clean up the place and possibly tinker with the menu, while leaving everything else, including the name, intact. After all, if anyone is likely to let the legend of Sinatra live on at Dear John’s, it’s Ben Myron.

Dear John’s, don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me. Stay just the way you are.

Dear John’s
11208 Culver Blvd.

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