Road Work – Slauson/ Bristol and Marina Freeway

NCI_W20-11Culver City and Los Angeles County have agreed to revise the striping of the westbound lanes of Slauson Avenue from Bristol Parkway to the Marina (SR-90) Freeway to allow for more efficient flow of traffic. The County is administering a Traffic Signal Synchronization Program (TSSP) project within Culver City on Slauson Avenue in the vicinity of its intersection with the SR-90 Freeway. Since this restriping project is regionally significant and is of general Los Angeles County interest, the County is adding this to the TSSP project and financing half of the construction cost and Culver City will finance the other 50% share of the construction cost.

Currently, Slauson Avenue has one traffic lane that merges to the three left turn lanes that takes motorists to the SR-90 freeway. This project will modify the westbound lane striping so the number two westbound lane will become a “combination” lane, by which westbound drivers can arrive onto one of the three left-turn lanes, or onto the number one westbound through lane continuing past the SR-90 on-/off-ramps. This modification will increase capacity for the left-turn movement onto the SR-90 Freeway and reduce westbound traffic congestion.

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