NCSL Elects Mitchell to Exec Committee

la-pol-sac-holly-mitchell-budget-20170228The National Conference of State Legislatures on Sunday elected Sen. Holly J. Mitchell to its national Executive Committee, group officials confirmed today.

Mitchell, chair of the powerful Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, has been actively involved in NCSL for more than 25 years, first at the staff level on welfare reform workgroups then later as an elected lawmaker.

“NCSL has continued to be a champion of state legislators and staff for more than 40 years due to its bipartisan commitment and expert governance,” Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, said about her one-year appointment. “I share NCSL’s vision statement and also bring my deep commitment to public service and belief that good governance is a core expression of our collective values.”

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León, in a letter of support for Mitchell’s nomination to NCSL’s Executive Committee, praised her leadership.

“(Mitchell) is a thoughtful, deliberative and influential policymaker, and demonstrates a wide breadth of expertise on every standing committee that she serves on,” De León said. “Also noteworthy is Senator Mitchell’s relentless commitment to equity and justice for vulnerable populations. (She’s) a tremendous asset to NCSL’s Executive Committee, and all of NCSL’s efforts to expand its outreach in California and throughout the nation.”

Mitchell’s election took effect immediately and comes about six weeks after overseeing her first multi-billion state budget. Overseeing disbursement of NCSL funds is but one of the primary responsibilities of the Executive Committee. Other duties include serving as the governing body of the conference and its supervision, control and direction of conference affairs. NCSL was established in 1975 as a bipartisan resource to serve the legislators and staffs of the states, commonwealths and territories.

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