Rally for Rick – Community Support Needed

20651724_1495690607.0851There is something special about community. Rick and Margie Hodges knew that when they opened Tub’s Fine Chili in their own community, and created a restaurant worthy of national fame. The corner of Braddock and Overland has been the spot where the Hodges have created a unique and delightful eatery. While Tub’s is not looking to close for good, but they do need to close for a month, and that’s where you can help.

Rick has bravely battled cancer for the last few years, and it’s time for the battle to draw to a close. Friend and neighbor Paula Wilson has set up a GoFundMe campaign so that Margie can close for a month, spend the time with Rick, and not have to worry about keeping things going. If you are someone who has enjoyed the food, the hospitality, and the good will that the Hodges have poured so generously over the community, here is a chance to give a bit back.

As Paula noted on her post, “The time has come to rally around this cowboy and help the family as he rides into the sunset. If you feel compelled, click on the link and share.”



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  1. Dear Margie: as a recent widow myself (I am about your age, and just lost my husband of 28 years three months back) I was so, so moved by your episode on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. You expressed so many emotions that I am dealing with – and I wish I could speak with you.

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