Public Works to Begin Extensive Pavement Rehab in June

concrete-repairThe Culver City Public Works Department is enhancing several of our residential and arterial streets as part of the Pavement Rehabilitation Project. The City’s pavement management system and expert recommendations determine which deteriorating streets will be resurfaced with new rubberized asphalt concrete.

Construction near the I-405 freeway ramps and at La Cienega Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue will be limited to weekends and evenings. The remaining streets will be closed as required for construction during the project. We encourage you to review the following streets that will undergo construction to determine if you are affected and to plan accordingly:

Jefferson Boulevard – Kinston Avenue to Sepulveda Boulevard

Sepulveda Boulevard – Centinela Boulevard to Green Valley Circle

Sepulveda Boulevard – Venice Boulevard to Washington Boulevard (localized repairs only)

Buckingham Parkway – Hannum Avenue to Slauson Avenue

Slauson Avenue – Sepulveda Boulevard to Hannum Avenue

La Cienega Boulevard – Fairfax Avenue to Washington Boulevard

Wesley Street – National Boulevard to Higuera Street

Matteson Avenue – Albright Avenue to Sawtelle Boulevard

Stevens Avenue – Vera Way to South End (Playa Street)

Esterina Way – Cranks Road to Hill Road

Centinela Avenue – Sepulveda Boulevard to Mesmer Avenue (northbound curb lane only)

McLaughlin Avenue – Adjacent to Washington Boulevard

Inglewood Boulevard – Adjacent to Washington Boulevard

Willat Avenue – Hoke Avenue to the end of the cul-de-sac

Hines Avenue – Washington Boulevard to Adams Boulevard

Vinton Avenue – Farragut Drive to Le Bourget Avenue

Minor work on Braddock Drive, near Duquesne Avenue, and at the intersection of Garfield Avenue/Coombs Avenue

Braddock Drive (Jackson Avenue to Overland Avenue and Duquesne Avenue to Irving Place)

Selmaraine Drive (Jefferson Boulevard to Bankfield Avenue)

Studio Drive (Pickford Way to Rhoda Way)

Both endeavors are a part of the City of Culver City’s efforts to maintain and improve our facilities and infrastructure. For more information, please contact Reny Quijano, Associate Engineer, at (310) 253-5606 or via email at [email protected], or Vern Nickerson of Nickerson Company, construction inspector, at (310) 916-3036.

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