Actors’ Gang to Premiere Refugee Project

unnamed-1In Refugee Project Workshop, actors from the Gang tell their own stories, the story of their ancestors, where they came from, why they had to leave, and where they arrived and settled.

12 people flee in fear from the land that they grew up in. All from different time periods, leaving their home for different reasons, each speaking a different language, these refugees arrive at a dock by the water. They are hungry, exhausted. 12 travelers waiting for a boat to take them to safety. They struggle to communicate.

“What is the story that will most compel a border guard for me to gain entry? Is my story, my survival important enough?”

Set somewhere between the 18th century and now, the play tells the story of forced migration and the constant struggle for survival and dignity in an uncertain and hostile environment. Through poems, songs and dialogue sung and spoken in 12 languages, Refugee Project Workshop hopes to illuminate the courage, fortitude and humor of our refugees, our relatives, our family.

For ticket info, go to the Actors’ Gang ad on the right side fo the page and click through.

The Actors' Gang

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