Sacramento Introduces Support for Elections

imagesThe California Association of Clerks and Election Officials applauds legislative efforts through the recently proposed Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2018 (AB 668) and a special report that puts potential ongoing state funding and support for elections at the forefront in the state.

“With the introduction of AB 668, the state has an opportunity to create a path forward for counties to acquire critically needed equipment, replacing outdated and aging voting systems,” said Dean Logan, CACEO President. “Passage would better position counties to implement the Voter’s Choice Act passed last year offering a new model of voting in the state.”

The bill comes on the heels of a recent report published on March 31 by the Legislative Analyst’s Office that highlights the way elections are funded in the state. The LAO report highlights the need for more stable election funding including recommendations to re-establish state support for county election processes.

“In California, counties have traditionally borne all costs related to administering elections,” said Logan. “The LAO report defines a clear state interest and lays out options to provide ongoing state financial support that is essential to ensuring the stability and integrity of our electoral process.”

To read the report in its entirety visit:

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