Dear Editor – Safety is Not Political

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Our diversity is our strength.

With one of the most diverse public school systems in the nation, Culver City Unified believes that it’s the differences between our students that help shape their learning and their character, and propel them to unparalleled heights in college and careers.

To this end, our district aims to protect this diversity and is providing resources to students and families who may be anxious, or have questions, about a changing landscape of Immigration policies and practices in our country.

Safety is not political. It’s educational. And since students cannot learn if they don’t feel safe at school, here’s where Culver City’s efforts are focused:
Drew Sotelo, Culver City Unified’s Director Of Student & Family Services, is a key community resource and has been responding to queries for support with DACA Requests and other citizenship pathways before and throughout this school year.
The district has also received a number of questions recently about everything from travel plans to family deportation. As such, CCUSD has developed partnerships with Immigration Law firms and University Law experts to provide pro bono services to families who may need them.
Over the past few months, student groups and action networks have formed to provide friends and families with resources and workshops as federal law shifts and/or changes.
The district recently convened an Inclusion, Diversity, and Respect Task Force comprised of 30+ students, parents, staff, and community members whose purpose is to provide perspective and suggest solutions to address a complex problem of student safety.
Culver City Unified remains steadfast in the position detailed in our Safety For All Resolution which affirms the district’s commitment to our schools being safe places from any effort to deny civil or human rights. We do not collect, and will never ask about, a student’s immigration status, just as we do not record one’s religion or sexual orientation.

Our charge is to educate the students of Culver City. All of them. Always. And safely. Forever.

Joshua Arnold
Superintendent, Culver City Unified

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