CCEF Seeking Support for ArtworxLA

rita-morris-with-artworxla-student“I feel like I have a chance.” For a high school student, used to living day by day, not seeing a future, art can be the catalyst to change a life. Thanks to the ArtworxLA program and the teachers at Culver Park High School like Ruth Morris, (pictured left) ArtworxLA engages alternative high school students in a long-term, sequential arts program that inspires them to stay in school and develop connections to a network of peers, artists, supportive adults, higher education and creative industries. ArtworxLA is making a difference. “They said my art was good,” one student in the program offered. “They encouraged me. I feel like I have a chance.”

Culver Park’s artworxLA program is made possible by the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) and Sony Pictures Entertainment. We can invest generously in our CCUSD students before the year ends. Your donation keeps our students moving Full STEAM Ahead! Go to 

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