CCUSD Addresses Heat Issues

heatwaveFrom Superintendent Josh Arnold – With rising temperatures expected in Southern California towards the first part of this school week, Culver City Unified has taken steps to address thermal comfort and student/staff health and wellness as the weather impacts us all.

To this end, we have spent the last month servicing and upgrading portable air conditioning units throughout our schools, as well as purchasing additional units for use in our larger spaces. In addition to this short term solution, Culver City has completed a comprehensive districtwide Air Conditioning Study and will use the results of these findings to inform long-term HVAC expenditures as a part of Series 2 Measure CC Bonds, and beyond.

Throughout this week, we will be delivering cold water to all of our school sites throughout the day, and teachers will share classrooms and cool spaces on campus to make the learning environment for our students as comfortable as possible. Afternoon recess times may also be altered and modified to best meet students’ needs, and PE classes will be adapted to minimize physical exertion during this hot weather.

Despite all of these measures and more, this week will still be hot for all of our students and staff in Culver City. Please know that your child’s health and safety are our top priority, and we will take every step to ensure their wellness throughout this week and for the duration of their schooling career.

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