West Basin Offering Greywater Workshops

WaterGardenAs part of its efforts to expand water conservation programs for its communities, West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) has launched its first-ever greywater workshop series. The workshops are designed to educate residents on the safe and legal use of greywater and showcase an innovative technique to reduce residential water use. A total of five classes have been scheduled in the District’s service area this summer.

West Basin’s greywater workshops, led by Greywater Action Founder Laura Allen, will demonstrate the benefits of greywater, including creating a sustainable and affordable household water system that can significantly reduce water use. The workshop will be presented in two parts:
I. Greywater 101 – Participants will get an overview of California’s water supply system, ways to reuse greywater, common types of greywater systems, and more.

II. How to Design and Build a Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) System – Participants will learn how the L2L system works, how to install the system, maintenance methods, and more.

“We’re thrilled to provide a new type of water conservation program for our residents,” said West Basin President Carol W. Kwan, who represents the City of Manhattan Beach where the first workshop was held. “These workshops reinforce our commitment to continued water conservation and water education, and enable our communities to take action to help reduce their water use.”

West Basin’s scheduled greywater workshops include:
July 30 – City of Culver City – City Hall (Dan Patacchia Room), Culver City
Aug. 20 – City of Inglewood – City Hall, Inglewood
Sept. 10 – City of Hawthorne Memorial Center, Hawthorne

Funding partners for West Basin’s greywater workshops include the Water Replenishment District of Southern California and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California who contributed $3,750 and $2,000, respectively, towards the five workshops. Reservations are required for all classes. To register, please RSVP to the South Bay Environmental Services Center at www.sbesc.com/calendar/workshops/greywater or call (310) 371-4633.

For more information about West Basin and its water conservation programs, please visit West Basin’s water conservation website.

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