Senior Center’s “Bucket List Actors” Revue – July 12

d6099b92-632c-4395-b60d-06559667adddRight in the heart of the classic motion picture studio district “Screenland” comes a revived art form of theatrical revue. With laughter, drama and song, this is the whacky world of “The Bucket List Actors. “

It all started as a group of once were, or wanna be actors and performers, started meeting in Culver City two years ago. Carole Marie, a Chickasaw citizen, and long time Screen Actors Guild member, had an early morning dream about her digital camera she had used to make documentaries. It was calling her name from the dark corner of the closet. She took it out and crafted a quick proposal, relying on her fifteen years of experience in acting workshops, classes and performances. With a background of instructing Native Americans, at-risk teens, in film acting, it was time to inspire boomers and seniors to learn and/or re-ignite their passion for the performance arts. As if by magic an “Acting For The Camera” workshop began.

If you build it they will come! And they did. With a wide variety of talent from a writer of the “Rosanne” TV show, to a Madison Ave. advertising executive, a national magazine sales account manager/travel writer, a scientific academic with a Ph. d., to a home economics teacher, a court reporter, a trained opera singer and more. A documentary film is now in progress about this unique one-of-a-kind group.

“The Bucket List Actors” Revue will be staged Tuesday July 12th 1PM. Come and enjoy performed staged reading-scenes, songs, stand up comedy, monologues and more at the state-of-the-art Culver City Senior Center in Culver City.

Tuesday, July 12th-1 p.m.
Culver City Senior Center
4095 Overland Ave. (at Culver)
Culver City, CA.

The Actors' Gang

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